A solid and quality-focused company is the outcome of our actions over the years. We operate 24 hours a day and we count on more than 160 employees who play an important role, since they contribute to a monthly production of more than 40.000 dozens of socks commercialized all around the country.

Technology, innovation and agility are what Rikam always seeks in its machinery in order to be able to develop its products and serve its customers faster. Our products are made from high-quality cotton, a natural, soft fiber that provides soft touch and good moisture absorption. The Product Department researches the collections and transforms conceptual models into commercial products within the most diverse segments of socks, like babies’, kids’, women’s, men’s, sports socks, dress socks and underwear as well. The whole stage of the textile surface is of utmost importance, from the very beginning of the creation, with the focus on the quality of the drawings, going through the colorings, the high quality of raw material and technical knowledge, what finaly creates a standard of excellence that refers to the Rikam brand.

The company has a 5,000-meter manufacturing plant whose infrastructure was entirely designed, from weaving to finishing processes, to guarantee a faster and more efficient production flow.

Always looking for excellence, the company has a Quality Department which applies the 5s methodology in all its sectors, what brings constant improvement, as attested by the certificate provided by the Brazilian Association of Textile Retail (ABVTEX), an important certificate for the supplying of products for large department stores and national customers.

Due to its development, the company seeks specialized professionals and counts on a team of more than 160 direct and indirect collaborators in order to add knowledge and generate results.

Founded on January 20, 1966, in Juiz de Fora, by the partners Salime Ribeiro and Farid Kamil, Rikam Knitwear is considered one of the most traditional and most important socks industry in the state of Minas Gerais and it has been standing out in the socks sector in Brazil. Throughout the past years, we have achieved victories thanks to a lot of effort, dedication, innovation, reliability and pioneering.


To be a company recognized by the high level of its products, offered by collections whose perfection reflects all the stages of production, from the socks drawing process to the final customer.


To study and to plan improvements in an assertive way within the production chain, providing excellent products and excellent cost-benefit as a result.


Responsibility and ethics are among the company’s most important assets, therefore they are always put into practice in relations with sales representatives, department stores, service providers and employees, in order to guarantee customer service and satisfaction.